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Management CDI
Temps complet
Guangdong, Chine
I develop supplier’s expertise to produce qualified products within targeted lead time.
  • I evaluate and ensure the quality of products.
  • I measure and correct discrepancies.
  • I carry out production control plan and ensure quality system stability on my supplier.
  • I ensure product development sustainability.
  • I challenge, explain and recommend changes.
  • I enforce the social accountability requirement.
  • I ensure that environmental and toxicology requirement are respected.
  • I work with full autonomy.
  • 我评估并确保产品质量。
  • 我衡量并纠正供应商生产中所产生的质量偏差。
  • 我在供应商中开展生产管控计划并全面确保质量体系的持续稳定运行。
  • 我确保供应商遵守环境保护及毒性测试的相关要求。
  • 我推动并加强供应商社会责任管理。
  • 我确保产品生产成本具有竞争性和高性价比。
  • 我全面负责产品开发并且确保开发的有效性和持续性。
  • 我勇于提出不同意见,给予解释并且提供修正方案。
  • 我拥有充分的自主权。
Profil recherché
Sporty and practicing regular sports experience.
  • Vital, full of passion and energy.
  • Manufacturing background, fund of working on the filed/supplier factory.
  • Good organization, negotiation and communication skills.
  • Strong team spirit, willing to learn and able to master it.
  • Sincere, responsible, and with outstanding executive ability.
  • Able to finish the tasks given by the leader and achieve the target in a required deadline.
  • Able to work under pressure, willing to take challenges.
  • Accept frequent business trips and good mobility.
  • Very fluent both in Chinese and English; French will be a plus.

  • 热爱运动并且经常参与各类运动。
  • 充满活力和正能量。
  • 热爱工业生产和制造业,喜欢在现场工作。
  • 拥有良好的思考、逻辑分析、组织、谈判以及沟通能力。
  • 具有团队合作精神,及优秀的学习热情及能力。
  • 充满好奇心与探索精神。
  • 真诚、负责且具有出色的领导力和执行力,能自主的找到资源和方法,推动结果的达成。
  • 抗压性强,愿意接受挑战及频繁出差,乐意接受不同城市的工作机会。
  • 中英文流利。
Salaire et avantages
Specific training plan and development plan.
  • Platform to develop with multi-positions for internal transfer base on your willingness to make progress and take challenge.
  • Working opportunities worldwide and different location in China.
  • Rich and varies sports activities.
  • 12-20 days annual holidays every year.
  • Extra commercial insurance.
Niveaux de langues requis
  • FrançaisIntermédiaire
  • AnglaisBilingue oral, écrit
  • ChinoisBilingue oral, écrit
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